Why is Early Childhood Development Important?

During the first five years, 90% of brain development occurs, and we can set children on a healthy course for development, which will be needed for school and beyond. Our efforts focus on those first five years but also support those who contribute to the success of children.

Encouraging the development of the child can lead to less abuse and neglect; fewer child deaths; improved physical, emotional and cognitive development; better parenting skills and involvement; increased safety in the home; fewer teen pregnancies; improved school performance; increased rates of high school graduation; reduced need for foster care, juvenile detention, and other youth intervention services.

Who Family and Childcare Resources of N.E.W. helps:

Children: By helping adults who care for children, including parents, grandparents and childcare providers, we are helping children. Equipping adults with information, programming and resources affects the development of the child. Our drop-in play area and playgroups help support parent and child socialization.

Parents: Children don’t come with a handbook and every parent needs support, which they can find as our agency through workshops, playgroups, support groups and a parenting warm-line for questions by e-mail or phone answered by qualified parent educators. Parents can also seek help finding regulated childcare and information on quality care.

Childcare providers: Childcare providers can meet their continuing education needs through a number of trainings offered throughout the year. One-on-one technical consultation and support for the Youngstar Quality Rating and Improvement System is provided by the technical assistance team. Those interested in becoming a childcare provider can receive pre-licensing support. Referrals to parents also support childcare businesses.

Employers: When employees have quality, reliable childcare, it increases the time they are at work and their productivity levels. Contracted services are also offered for customized referrals and on-site trainings.

Community: Children are vital to the future success of the community and it is to everyone’s benefit to have happy, healthy, safe and productive citizens.

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